To my English Native speaker friends, colleagues and family

10155653_645605905493335_430306030_nIt’s time to think about you a little bit more.

Since « Petites rencontres et méga problèmes » was released in 2012, I had in a small corner of my mind the idea of translating the novel. But the problem was to find a publisher ready to follow me on the adventure.

I received a lot of comments from you all, asking me WHEN it was going to happen. And I can officially tell you that, it is happening, the translation process began and I’m already at the Chapter 5.

I’m still trying to figure out what will be the general title of the trilogy, but it’ not real for me at the moment. I’ve got an idea but I need to be sure it’s not already taken…

I need something efficient, short and attractive. Some thing that will summarize the purpose of the trilogy.

As I already said in french on my Facebook page, I called some friends to help me in the process and proof read the project.

I like to call them the JITT, the « TT » standing for Translation Team… and the J I for the title I have in mind.

A lot of different projects are coming to me and it is very exciting, all very differents from each other.

So get used to it you’ll have your very own articles, just for you, I promise.

If you wanna show you’re interest in the translated novel, just write a mail here

Nothing will be asked, we will just keep your e-mail to let you know the release date.

See you soon my dear friends




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